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Crazy Frog remix of theme song from the movie, Beverly Hills Cop, w/ Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley. See YouTube link for music video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3x9Yq9NFTE

Various Christmas songs from a 1993 mix tape.
More X'mas '93 - side 1.m4a
More X'mas '93 - side 2.m4a

20th Century Fox presents, Water, a remarkable film set in Ghandi's India, about widows, and their oppression in that country. The soundtrack is tremendous. I grabbed water_soundtrack_clip.mp4, a four minute clip which I think highlights some of the more riveting moments in the film.

In bushuncensored.mov, George Bush gives the finger on camera.

Random clip of a cat giving a puppy a... DEEPTISSUEMASSAGE.wmv

talkingdogs.wmv -- Yes, this one is America's Funniest Home Videos stock material, but good.

This movie demonstrates... WHYICEFISHINGSUCKS.mpe!

david_attenborough_grass.mp4 and dry_season_in_calahari_clip.mp4 are a couple of really stellar clips from BBC's nature series, Planet Earth. They aren't too big by broadband standards, but still considerable -- 8.7mb for the grass, 15.2mb for the Calahari -- and are worth the time to download, if you wanna' see some really great time-accelerated nature clips...

Take a look at my DVD library. This is kind of like a publication of my Netflix queue.

Q: So, what's the difference between an Indian-made and an Italian-made Ferrari?
A: ItalianandIndianFerraris.pps (requires Microsoft PowerPoint or viewer)

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My aunt forwarded me this really cool animated image file (a GIF), which challenges your "left-brain/right-brain" propensities. As I recall, most people have a propensity towards right-brain thinking, and will initially see this ballerina spinning clockwise. However, proficient "left-brain thinkers", and righties who challenge themselves to look at it long enough (that's me :), can see her spinning counterclockwise as well! If you can't see it at first, don't give up -- it took me awhile!

I'm the proud owner of a MIDI capable digital piano or piano synthesizer. MIDI, or Musical Instrument Digital Interface, is a digital audio standard. Having a MIDI capable instrument allows me to record music, alter that music in a variety of ways, and then reproduce it. Although this particular instrument is not very portable, it's well suited for my home, where I'm most likely to play it.

This nifty device (M-Audio Audiophile USB) is the digital hub that connects my computer, stereo receiver, and digital piano. With it, my computer can be transformed into a music recording studio.