Dear web surfer,

My blogs are not public. I prefer to use them as a fun way to share stuff w/ friends and family. While they are available to anyone on the Internet, they are not listed in any public directory by, or by any blogging service -- I choose voluntarily to remain unlisted though I did link my website to Facebook. As an added measure of security, my policy is not to post the names of people whose visages appear on my blog. By taking this precaution, I reduce the risk that a big search engine (like Google), or any data-mining operation might associate you (the actual you) with photos that I post of you. Although I don't necessarily take this same precaution for myself (because I haven't yet found a reason to actively conceal my identity), I respect that others may feel differently. As an online security counsellor assured me recently;

"Err... if your friends are high-profile, their pictures are out there anyway. If they are normal, then I wouldn't worry, but you might want to ask their permission if you _do_ worry. If they are low-profile (like spies, CIA, etc) then you probably shouldn't post their pictures. If they do something that they are not "out" about, likewise. Bear in mind that anyone can Google you - and if your picture (or your friends) is next to the article about gangs, some folks (or some data-mining operations) might make an unfair association. Bottom line - I don't worry about it. Just be sensible."
I encourage you to contact me if there is ever something on my blog (or website, for that matter), that you'd like me to change/omit. Happy surfing!