California Trip

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Feast your eyes on this morsel!

It's about 10:30 am on Sunday. I parked in downtown Berkley, grabbed my camera, and set out to see the sights. I don't know if it was me, or what, but I've got to admit that I picked up a semi-unpleasant vibe from the streets of Berkley on this Sunday morning. This has become a trend with me, and my reaction to urban bay area cities in CA. Perhaps, what with UC Berkley's reputation as a school for talented artists, I look too plain-jane -- you know, so ordinary, and clean cut, that I stand out -- fresh meat. See map Site I.

Here's the Crepes A-Go-Go storefront from across the street. In case you'd begun to wonder if I had any good times at all, while in the city, here at Crepes A-Go-Go, everyone was pleasant. Hey look, it's a Domino's Pizza, right next door. From this, we may conclude at least one thing; a crepe is not a pizza. Otherwise these two stores wouldn't be next to one another.

I snapped this second shot while there weren't any cars in the road (except for those cars parked in front of the store).

Here's the front of a store called Eudemonia (note the sign). I liked this place -- it sells card, dice, and board games, and it has an online computer gaming room in the back, as you can see from the next photo.

Of course this isn't just a haven for online gamers. There also seem to be tables for conventional gaming. I'm pretty sure everyone in here is less than 18 years old. It should also be noted that I'm only one block from the entrance to the UC Berkley campus -- maybe this is a good place to do homework.

November 13, 2004
OK, fast-forward a few days now. After returning my car on the 8th in Santa Rosa, I spent a few days lounging around the apartment, mostly just reading books and recuperating from all that exploration! On this Saturday morning, I rode two blocks from Meadowrock, the apartment complex where Pax Mahle put me up, to the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center. Most of the exhibits were Peanuts comics, so I didn't bother taking photos while inside.

Another obscure photo. Hey, it was a lovely fall day at the Schulz Museum.

This is my cherished means of transportation. It's not what the pro's use, but it worked great for me!

Home, sweet home! Here is the view from my apartment. There is a swimming pool here, as you can see. I spent as much time fully submerged in the hot-tub as possible.

Taken from my balcony, facing right.

And now, venturing down to the arena. Here is the path I take to the laundry, and to the pool.

Climb those steps on the right, and oula (sp?), my apartment!

Here is the view. I'm pretty sure that my apartment has a better view than any other apartment in the complex.

November 15, 2004
I booked my flight on jetBlue back to the east coast on November 17th, two days from now, so today I'm leaving Santa Rosa to get one last look at the coast, and at San Francisco, before I leave. Here is an average vineyard.

It doesn't appear that all the grapes have been harvested from these vines.

Just north of Bodega Bay at about 3 pm. This photo faces south.

Facing west.

Facing north.

Just north of Petaluma, I took this photo of a hillside speckled by holsteins.

Ah ha ha, the GGB - insidious, isn't it.

These weren't meant to look like time-lapse photos. I just couldn't get a steady shot while driving.

November 16, 2004
I was a driving fool. On my last day in CA, I explored this preserve north of San Francisco. It was a foggy day, but warm.