California Trip

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Another surfing shot.

This is downtown Santa Cruz, a block or two south of Site 23. on Pacific Avenue. -photo by Kyer Wiltshire,

I spent the nights of Nov. 4-6th here at the Santa Cruz Youth Hostel. Hostels cost $18/night for members and $21/night for non-members. Although some take reservations, all international travelers take priority over US citizens, and out of-state-ers (like myself) over CA residents. See map Site 24.
November 5, 2004
After showering and shaving, I hopped in my car and drove up the hill to the University of California, Santa Cruz ( at map Site 21. (see UCSC soccer shot, right). I took the tour, met both current and prospective students -- had a good time humoring my tenuous graduate school ambitions. Later in the evening, I stopped at 99 Bottles, my favorite night spot in Santa Cruz (Site 23.). After a meal and a few drinks, I stopped into the Del Mar movie theater (Site 22.) for a showing of The Incredibles, before returning to my hostel bunk for the night.


November 6, 2004
This is Capitola, just east of Santa Cruz (see map Site G.). It's a nice town, with a waterfront, and pier, much like in Santa Cruz.

Here's the Capitola pier from the east.

Nice waterfront apartments!

The same pier, from the west.

This was a little town, about 10 miles north of Santa Cruz. I took an early-afternoon drive to explore the neighboring towns, and it was such a beautiful afternoon that I had to photograph something...

November 7, 2004
My car was due back in Santa Rosa on the 8th, so I woke up early and drove north, through San Jose, to Stanford University, to start my drive back north. See map Site H.

These photos really don't do the campus justice -- it's enormous! For starters, there was a lengthy esplanade between Route 101 and the main campus, ending at the cluster of palm trees seen near the center of this photo. Then, past the entrance, the main hall emerges from the distance much like a castle. On the right are some men and women (students, perhaps) playing volleyball.

This entrance made a big first impression -- only 30 grand a year to attend.

Here is the Stanford seal, elegantly emblazoned on a manhole cover -- uh, I mean storm drain.

Here is a view from the main entrance, facing north towards a campus church.

Here's the same view taken from between the cube-like sentry towers seen in the last shot.

This bulletin board marks some "Stanford Points of Interest" -- thanks to my hefty 5 megapixel camera, I was able to capture it.

This one, "Prospective Student Information", was a little blurry.

Sadly enough, this photograph was a little blurry as well. This bulletin board is, of course, covered with student flyers. Some are legible, while others are not. Student interests are always a curiosity to me!

Here is another map of Stanford University. I didn't even bother to provide the zoomed version of this photo, because the text was just too small. It was barely legible.

Perhaps it's time for another round of statue interpretations... They're no doubt wise men. Some appear anguished, others perplexed. One, anyway, appears to have just noticed something of exceptional interest on the ground just in front of him. See him there in the center, leaning forward. Careful, Mr., don't fall!

I felt a little like a tourist at the Guernica in Spain, or at some castle. I can't say these buildings were particularly ornate (compared to many New England structures, anyway), but their scale was stunning. This entrance seemed almost excessive. What is this arch for, anyway, besides decoration? It certainly can't be used for classes.

I took these next two shots just through that last arch. I particularly liked this expansive courtyard. On the right, in this first photo, is the church I mentioned earlier.

I took this shot facing east, about 120 degrees right of the last photo.

The church. It happens to be Sunday morning at about 8:30 am, I think, so it's no surprise that people are standing outside.

Zoop! 180 degrees, about face! Facing to the south now, here's where I just came from. Through the arches, and beyond the main entrance, is the field seen in my first few Stanford photos (above), and beyond, the nearly visible esplanade causeway.

Here's a close-up of the front of the church. The Virgin Mary is likely painted here, along with an apostle or two.

I really don't have the knack for ambitious photography. You should have seen how timidly I approached this spot. If I'd been just a little more courageous, this photo may even have passed for a good action shot.

Here's one side, and then the other of the Crepes A-Go-Go menu. I'm not sure about the name, but the cuisine sure was good!

Second side.