California Trip

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Look, it's the Golden Gate!

"The Golden Gate Bridge, recognizable worldwide, is considered one of the 20th century's greatest construction achievements."

And again!

Splendid, isn't it?

A truly stunning accomplishment.

Hmm...sturdy support cables!

Look, a boat! By the way, this shot faces south. The area (barely visible in this shot) just to the right of the bridge is called the Presidio. The Presidio is basically a big public access park covering a couple hundred acres just south of the bridge. I may have some regular photos of it -- I'll have to scan them in later!

The sign says, "climbing the fence is dangerous, so don't do it!"

Look some peeps! So you ask, what was I thinking when I took this shot? Actually, I wanted to get a close-up of those people, without them realizing it. I was, however, too far away -- should have bought a better zoom-lense.

OK, it's still the morning of November 3rd. It's about 10 am in this action shot. Dun, dun, dun, duuuuun ... the crossing of the bridge! It took me three and a half hours to get down here from Pt. Reyes Station, where I first started snapping shots earlier today. Driving south, see map Site 2.


This photo appears obscure. I'm standing in a Presidio parking lot looking westward over the pacific. If I turned and looked north from this very spot, the Golden Gate Bridge would be almost visible through the trees. See map Site 3.

These burbs may not look like much on film, but this neighborhood (part of San Francisco's 49 mile scenic route) was quite awesome. The architecture is novel, and the landscaping is immaculate. This shot faces south. See map Site 4.

This shot faces north, from the same spot. Notice the Golden Gate Bridge beyond the roof peaks? (I think I'll refer to the Golden Gate Bridge by a token name from now about the GGB? After all, it is every tourist's favorite landmark.)

Same spot again, facing south.

I guess it's not the house so much, as the view from the house...

It's like wax sculpture. Nothing's out of place.

Facing east, towards the center of San Francisco.

So much of the architecture is in fact of Asian influence...not too surprising.

Yes, I would be very happy to make the room behind that 2nd story window my home.

Can't see 'em to well at this res., but I liked the rose arbor overarching this cast iron gate. To be honest, there were so many tranquil residential vistas here at Site 4., that I got confused and didn't know what photos to take.

There 'tis again! Beautifully silhouetted by a cluster of juniper (hmm, what were those trees anyway; do juniper even grow that big?), the GGB is ceaselessly charming.

This is the Palace of the Legion of Honor. See map Site 5.

Legion of Honor statues.

Ahh...the Legion of Honor reflecting pool!

Facing east, Geary Boulevard, just two blocks south of California Ave., stretches the entire width of the San Francisco land mass (running east/west), to San Francisco's primary industrial seaport on the eastern bank of San Francisco Bay. See map Site 6.

Is it a wading pool? Perhaps another ruined fortification of yesteryear?

Look closer, look at the barge! It was the barge I was trying to photograph. A fine barge! Zoom in!

This is an odd place for local politics. The "wharf community" does hereby endorse the following candidates...

This restaurant/historic waterfront plaza had a nice view of the Pacific Ocean! I didn't stop for appetizers, but I think they sold crab cakes and oysters.